J.LIVE Talk 2022 (deadline on 10/5/2022)

J.LIVE (Japanese Learning Inspired Vision and Engagement) Talk was founded in 2015 as a college-level Japanese language presentation competition. It’s similar to a TED Talk where a presenter shares his/her vision using audio-visual materials and interacts with the audience. This …

Useful information and links for Spring 2022

LaGuardia Community College has shared the following useful contact information and links for faculty and students in Spring 2022.

  • Safety Reminders: LaGuardia’s Administration Division staff have done a tremendous job maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our campus community.

Learning Japanese on YouTube: Pam Ikegami

Pam Ikegami shares clear and straightforward explanations of Japanese grammar based on the Genki textbooks (from Ch.7 – Ch.15). Unlike the other YouTuber’s Japaense grammar lessons, her explanation videos are minimalist (without any frills), focusing on linguistic explanations of the …

Learning Japanese on YouTube: ToKini Andy

ときにあんでぃ (ToKini Andy) live streams detailed Japanese grammar videos based on the Genki and Quartet textbook series. Highly recommended if you are interested in self-studying or having refresher sessions of Genki.

Here is the direct link to his videos based …