English-speaking YouTubers featuring life in Japan

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The following YouTubers feature life in Japan in English. Highly recommended if you are interested in spending time (study abroad or working) in Japan.

  1. Rachel and Jun: This couple, consisting of an American woman (Rachel) and her Japanese husband (Jun), produces content about Japanese culture, travel, and daily life in Japan.
  2. Abroad in Japan: Chris Broad is a British YouTuber who lives in Japan and provides humorous and insightful content about Japanese culture, food, language, and travel.
  3. Sharmeleon: Formerly known as Sharla in Japan, she shares content related to her life in Japan, including travel vlogs, food reviews, and cultural experiences.
  4. Only in Japan: Hosted by John Daub, this channel dives into the unique aspects of Japanese culture, traditions, and food, often exploring lesser-known facets of Japan.
  5. Paolo fromTOKYO: Paolo produces detailed videos about daily life in Tokyo, including apartment tours, food guides, and insights into Japanese work culture and lifestyle.
  6. Tokyo Creative: This channel features a collective of YouTubers who create content about traveling, living, and eating in Japan.
  7. Life Where I’m From: Created by Greg Lam, this channel offers a perspective on Japanese life through almost documentary-style videos, often featuring his children and family.
  8. Tokidoki Traveller: An Australian YouTuber named Emma who shares her experiences living in Japan, from apartment tours to everyday adventures.
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