Building a career one step at a time: from LaGuardia to JET (5/18/2023)

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The Japan Studies Program is pleased to host this virtual workshop by Mr. Ed Agosto, an alumnus of Japanese Option at LaGuardia Community College, who has been recently accepted to the JET Programme. He is going to share his career path from LaGuardia to the JET program.

The meeting is virtual (Zoom) and you will need to register for the event.

  • Date: Thursday, May 18, 2023
  • Time: 11:00am-12:00pm (Eastern time)
  • Place: Zoom (Register at
  • Speaker: Ed Agosto, LaGuardia alumnus (Japanese Option, 2017)
  • Description of the event: Description: In this online session, Edward Agosto, a LaGuardia alumnus (Liberal Arts Japanese Option, 2017), will discuss his career path from LaGuardia to the JET Programme, to which he was accepted this year. After finishing the Japanese Option at LaGuardia, Ed went on to continue learning Japanese and East Asian culture at Queens College with a minor in Linguistics. After graduating from Queens College, Ed returned to LaGuardia as a Japanese language tutor in the Modern Language Lab. Ed was interested in developing his career in teaching English abroad and was recently accepted to the JET Programme (, a prestigious English teaching program funded by the Japanese government. During this talk, Ed will discuss his experience at LaGuardia (as both a student and a tutor), the JET program, and how he prepared his application for the JET program.
  • Inquiries: Tomonori Nagano (718-482-5484 or
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The recording of this event is now avaialble at

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