Meiji Gakuin University-LaGuardia COIL Exchange (CrossingPaths2022) in Fall 2022

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Crossing Paths: Coming Together to Increase L2 Fluency and L2 Competency (CrossingPaths2022) Project is an international collaboration project between Meiji Gakuin University (Prof. Jennifer Igawa) in Tokyo and the Japanese Language Program at LaGuardia Community College (Prof. Tomonori Nagano) in New York.

In this project, a group of students are paired with their partner groups/students in the other college and communicate through various technology tools (such as ImmerseU). The goals of this project is to provide students with opportunities to use the second language (L2) with native speakers, to develop students’ fluency and confidence in the L2 oral communication, and to develop students’ cultural competency. The project takes place from September 2022 through November 2022. If you are interested, contact Tomonori Nagano at


[Updated on Wednesday, December 28, 2022]
An excerpt from the final meeting of the Crossing Paths 2022.

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