Call for art submission for the Japan Entertainment Club (due by 4/1/2022)

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The Japan Entertainment Club at LaGuardia Community College is taking art submissions for its Discord background and banner and the club posters for the upcoming Spring Fest on the Plaza event on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Please see below for the guidelines of this art submission. The deadline is Friday, April 1, 2022.



  1. No NSFW/R-18/Suggestive art is allowed. Please keep it PG and within the guidelines of the server. If you are worried that your art may be suggestive, please contact me and I will overlook it with the club officers.
  2. The art should relate to the clubs message/theme. Since we want to use the art to advertise the club, please keep your piece related to Japan Entertainment!
  3. The dimensions for the artwork should follow these guidelines:
    Server Banner: At Least 960×540 pixels
    Server Invite Background: At least 1920×1080 pixels

If you are chosen, please keep in mind we might ask for different sizes/ratios for the poster size. Alumni are allowed to submit if they wish. The deadline for the art submissions is April 1st, Friday. Submit through the Japan Entertainment Discord ( If you don’t have access to the Discord server, see

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