Volunteering with your Japanese language & cultural knowledge (NY de Volunteer / New York Cares)

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Are you interested in resuming your outdoor activities in Fall 2021? If so, volunteering might be a good way to start your “new normal” life after the pandemic. While the majority of New Yorkers have been vaccinated and the city is on the track of economic recovery, a lot of New Yorkers are still in need of social support.

NY de Volunteer is a non-profit organization started by a small group of Japanese Americans and their friends and its mission is “empowering the Japaense & American communities to become positive change makers through civic engagement and global leadership.” Their events are a great place to meet with like-minded Japanese and Americans, who explore ways to build strong Japanese and American communities in New York City.

Here is more information about NY de Volunteer.

The other volunteer orgaizations include New York Cares (, JAANY (The Japanese American Association of New York /, and JASSI (Japanese American Social Services /

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