Japanese cultural values among Japanese American

An exhibition Okage Sama De: I am what I am because of you at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i (https://www.jcch.com) presents twelve Japanese words that the first wave of Japanese American immigrants in Hawai’i about 150 years ago considered as their core cultural values. These words still resonate many Japanese and Japanese American in the U.S.

  • 孝行 “kokō” (Filial Piety)
  • 恩 “On” (Debt of Gratitude)
  • 我慢 “Gaman” (Quiet Endurance)
  • 頑張り “Ganbari” (Persistence)
  • 仕方がない “Shikata-ga-nai” (Acceptance with Resignation)
  • 感謝 “Kansha” (Gratitude)
  • 忠義 “Chugi” (Loyalty)
  • 責任 “Sekinin” (Responsibility)
  • 恥 “Haji” (Shame) / 誇り “Hokori” (Pride)
  • 名誉 “Meiyo” (Honour)
  • 義理 “Giri” (Sense of Duty)
  • 犠牲 “Gisei” (Sacrifice)
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