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CUNY BA Program is a CUNY-wide individualized degree program and they accept transfer students from CUNY community colleges. In CUNY BA, each student develops their own curriculum (called Area of Concentration or AOE) and complete their BA degree through selecting classes from any class from all CUNY campuses.

CUNY BA has a long history and strong support for students interested in Japan Studies. CUNY BA students with AOE on Japan Studies choose Japanese or Japan-related classes from different CUNY campuses.

If you are planning to transfer, take a look at the following information and consider the CUNY BA Program as one of your options.

Two major eligibility requirements are: (1) a student must have at least 12 college credits and (2) must have a GPA of 2.80 or above. The admissions are accepted on a rolling basis, but you should consider applying at least a few months prior to the initial semester of the CUNY BA (i.e., February-March for Fall and September-October for Spring).

Below is some information about the CUNY BA Program.

CUNY BA Program

Introduction Video to CUNY BA Program

CUNY BA regularly offers information sessions for prospective students. This is the best place for students to begin if they are interested in the CUNY BA Program.

Finally, a group of the Japan Studies scholars across CUNY created this information website for students who are considering choosing Japan Studies in the CUNY BA Program. You can find a list of Japan-related courses across CUNY and a few video introductions to different Japan Studies disciplines at CUNY.

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