Transfer Scholars Network (TSN) Pilot 2021

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Dr. Karlyn Koh, the faculty advisor of LaGuardia’s Honors Student Advisory Committee, shared the following transfer opportunities to the elite 4-year institutions. The Japanese Option students interested in this opportunity (see the eligibilities below) should contact Tomonori Nagano at

Transfer Scholars Network (TSN) Pilot (

LaGuardia has been chosen as one of 9 community colleges to participate in a national pilot convened by the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program.  Community college students in this network are connected directly with admissions officers from the 4-year institutional partners below:

Your Recommendations
Students join this pilot only by being nominated.  Should you wish to recommend students for this pilot, please simply send me their names and email addresses, and I will contact them with information.

General eligibility requirements are:

  • Min. GPA of 3.5
  • 15-30 completed credits (a little over 30 is ok)
  • Intend to begin at a 4-year institution in Fall 2022
  • Adjusted gross income not more than $95,000
  • No previous 4-year college/university attendance
  • Other areas of success in addition to sound academic record (e.g. campus leadership, community volunteering, research presentation at a conference etc.)
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