Information about transfer credits (transfer-in and transfer-out) at LaGuardia

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This is very useful information for both prospect students considering LaGuardia or current LaGuardia students who are transferring to a 4-year institution.

  • Transfer-out credits (for graduating students)
    For questions about transfer-out credits (e.g., which credits will satisfy the curriculum requirements of a major you are interested), you should e-mail to If you are in the Japaense Option and are planning to transfer to East Asian Studies at Queens College, you can find the credit transerability information on this document. If you are transferring to another institution (e.g., non-CUNY school), you should contact the Transfer Office.

  • Transfer-in credits (for incoming students)
    For transfer-in students seeking course substitutions for evaluated courses that are not the identified equated course(s), e-mail to with written authorization by an academic department chair or program director (Tomonori Nagano for the Japaense Option and all other language classes such as Spanish, French, and Italian). Receipt of the authorization to transfer credit evaluation triggers the revaluation of the course(s). Similarly, students taking College Now courses outside of CUNY must submit the academic transcript to have the courses evaluated and posted.
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