Online tutoring platforms to learn Japanese with a native speaker

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Do you want to learn Japanese with a native speaker online? Or do you want to make some money teaching English to Japaense? The following online tutoring platforms are becoming popular during the pandemic.

  • Speaky ( Worldwide language learning community: You’ll meet people from 180+countries, speaking 110 + languages.; Find your perfect language partners: On Speaky, you talk to people who share your interests and passions.; Fully dedicated environment: You can chat or make calls (audio and video). Directly from your browser. ; 5387 Live: Practice right away by talking to people online

  • Preply ( Preply is the service that helps people find online and local tutors of foreign languages, science, humanities, and various hobbies. Our mission is to make education affordable for all people in the world. Since 2015, edtech startup Preply has transitioned from the accelerator program Techstars Berlin, increasing the core team fivefold and revenues tenfold. This attracted high-profile angel investors and VC’s who initiated the seed funding. Funding will support the long-term development of Preply products for private teachers, and market reach growth in addition to fueling further international expansion. Preply was created in April 2013 and operates in five markets: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and is about to launch in Germany, UK, and Spain.

  • My Language Exchange ( Language Learning Community for Safe Effective Practice

  • Sanako ( We believe there is real power in language skills – it helps people communicate to international audiences, and fosters a more open, trusting society. Being able to speak, operate, and find information in other languages than just one’s native language opens up a totally new world to individuals. This is why Sanako is on a mission to enable more freedom and power for individuals and organisations by helping language teachers across the world to teach languages better and more efficiently.

  • TalkAbroad ( Conversation practice with native speakers

  • Linguameeting ( LinguaMeeting introduces a new way to enrich the foreign language classroom experience. Students can work outside of the classroom with a personal, native-speaker language coach in a real-time online learning environment. Instructors are supported by our coaches, who work as teaching assistants, helping them to implement more conversation into their curriculum.

  • The Mixxer ( The Mixxer is designed to connect language learners around the world so that everyone is both student and teacher. Signup for free to find a language partner. Help them practice your native language while they help you practice theirs.

  • italki ( Choose from over 10,000 teachers for 1-on-1 lessons based on your goals and interests.

  • Boomalang ( Bringing Languages to Life. Live video conversation with trained native Spanish, French and English speakers located across the world. Book your free demo!

  • Conversifi ( Conversifi connects foreign language learners with native speakers for on-demand virtual immersion sessions over video chat. We believe immersion, alongside formal instruction, is the best way to master another language and learn about another culture.

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