Video lectures for ELJ250: Japanese Literature in Translation

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Prof. George Tsouris, who teaches ELJ250 “Japanese Literature in Translation” at LaGuardia Community College, has shared his lecture series on his YouTube channel (

If you are interested in taking his Japanese Literature in Translation (ELJ250), visit for more information.

  • Pondering Japanese Culture, ep.1
  • Pondering Japanese Culture, ep2: Kojiki
  • Pondering Japanese Culture, ep3: Tale Of Genji
  • Pondering Japanese Culture, ep.4: My Individualism
  • Early Japanese Feminism: The Case of Kishida Toshiko
  • Traditional vs. Modern in Japan: Tanizaki’s Aesthetics.
  • Nationalism, Paradox and Seppuku: Mishima’s Patriotism
  • Porn and Censoring the Body in Japan: Oshima’s “In The Realm Of The Senses”
  • Magic Realism in Japan: Murakami’s Elephant Vanishes
  • Humanism and Self in Japan :Oe’s Japan the Ambiguous and Myself
  • Economic Bubbles and Animation: Miyazaki’s Spirited Away
  • Ero-Guro-Nansensu Manga in Japan: Kago Shintaro’s “Memories Of Others”
  • Psycho Japan: Fujino Kaori’s “Run!”
  • Post-Nuclear Japan? Sono Sion’s “Land Of Hope”
  • Lecture on history of butoh
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