Japan Club’s Game Day event (5/19/2021)

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LaGuardia’s Japan Club is hosting the Game Day event tomorrow (Wednesday, May 19, 2021). See the details of the event below.

  • Title: Japan Club’s Game Day in Spring 2021
  • Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021
  • Time: 2:15pm-4:25pm
  • Place: Discord (Contact for an invitation link to Discord)
  • Description:
    • Prizes
      • Three $50 gift cards (equivalent to one game software package) for the top three players
    • Entry
      • Only LaGuardia students are eligible for the tournament.
      • We will be playing “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” on Switch. Entrants should send their Switch Friend Code and CUNY EmplID to
      • All participants who wish to enter the tournament should be present on Discord at 2:15pm.
    • Inquiries
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